Laundry service-Wash and Dry in Fuessen

if you are Looking for a fast laundry Service.we offer Laundry Service in Fuessen. our laundry"express" clean and dry your cloth professional.just give it up your cloth in our hostel and go for a coffee,enjoy your free time and come back in anytime but max. in 1hour and you can pick up your cloth clean and dry . .we are  open  from 8:00am to 12:00am and 16:00pm to 20pm in L.A-Hostel,Wachsbleich 2

in 1 hour "express"we wash and dry your  Cloth from 10€ incl.detergent,tax.



1 Load 4 Kg cold Wash 15€

1 load 4 Kg 40°    15€ " express" 1/2 hour

1 load 4 Kg from 60°75° 95°    20€  1 hours

Iron service extra on request


Pick up and delivery to the property 10€ in Fuessen (5km)


Phone/Whatsapp: +49- (0) 176 837 604 67




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